Purchased Products

We also carry out the following procedures for purchased products Testing: Burn-in and/or thermal cycling are performed to ensure product integrity. Repair: Units that fail any inspection and testing are repaired/replaced with the faulty components

Buying Refurbished Products

Upon receiving the product the following will be done: Inspection: Each unit is visually inspected at each step of the process. If it meets our standards, then we will pay for them either via paypal or your bank

Referral Agent

To qualify as a referral agent, the sale or purchase must occur. The referral agent will get a bonus/commission ranging from 6% to 10% of the list price of the contract (usually from £1000 or more) Each time thesame company invests in our

Asset Valuation Service

We also offer our expert knowledge in valuing your used cisco products so you can maximise savings from unwanted cisco products in your company. For a small fee we shall inspect and give you a valuation on what you can get on the market if you decide to sell your used or new cisco products inorder to reinvest the savings to get new products.