About Network - Guarantee

Our company

Network guarantee is a value driven company that offers a range of Cisco products and services in information technology. Our mission is to find and use innovative ways to assist our worldwide clientele, to do business as usual. All our products are inspected, tested and data cleansed by certified/expert staff before sales to our clients. Network guarantee was formed during the credit crunch to pass over savings of the list price to our clients in an ethical manner.

Environmental Responsability

In this era of global warming , Network Guarantee is doing its part to help the environment by performing business in a socially responsible manner. Here are a few of the ways in which we perform business in an environmental friendly manner:

  • All packaging materials are from environmentally friendly companies and they are bio degradable.
  • Waste products are disposed safely or sold over to be recycled into other useful products.
  • We use energy reasonably and are actively looking at innovative ways of using energy .

Our team


Working tirelessly to deliver quality and expert service.

Certified/experts in networks to handle any related issues as well as make sure the right, reliable product(s) reaches the owner on time and in good condition.

Charitable Causes

When you own or rent our products, part of the proceeds will go/ already go to the following good causes : Contributions to NACDA, a development association based in Africa to help provide, drinking water, roads, schools and good health care to the villagers of Awing- Cameroon(active contributor)

Director - Tony