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Cisco Servers AS54XM-16T1-384-D

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Cisco AS5350XM Universal Gateway High-Density Packet Voice/Fax Feature Card and DSP Module The Cisco High-Density Packet Voice/Fax Feature Card (AS5X-FC) supports one to six high-density packet voice/fax DSP modules (AS5X-PVDM2-64), increasing the density of the feature card to 384 low-complexity, 192 medium-complexity, or 144 high-complexity VoIP calls. The Cisco AS5350XM Universal Gateway manages DSP resources on a call-by-call basis to service all codec types (low, medium, and high complexity). Support for multiple codec complexities makes it easy to customize the voice gateway DSP configuration to match individual network requirements. The unique codec mix operating in the network determines the number of DSP modules required. The DSP module is a field replaceable unit (FRU), making additions and servicing much easier while reducing downtime (Figure 6). It is easy to integrate the high-density packet voice/fax feature card and DSP module into existing Cisco AS5350XM Universal Gateway networks. The new feature card and DSP module operate on the gateway without any changes to the Cisco IOS Software configuration file in use for existing universal port DSP feature cards, making network upgrades simple. Current configurations are automatically updated. - See more at:

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